Vsevolod Aravin was born and grew up in a family of musicians in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. After appearing in a commercial at the age of 4, he made up his mind to become a film director. Following the family tradition, he studied music, but was determinedly getting ready for a career in directing. The crisis of the 1990s didn’t let Vsevolod fulfil his dream of making fiction films, so he worked in documentary and TV for a quite long period, up to 2007. Nowadays he makes feature films and TV-series in Moscow. Working with leading Russian actors, he films in various genres, but mostly action and detective. He often acts as well.
He started making his first films with an 8-mm camera in Tien Shan Mountains at the age of 12-14. When he was 18 he started filming with a 16-mm camera. Later, in 1989, having dropped out of Novosibirsk Conservatory, he finally started studying directing at the Theatre Arts Academy (called Leningrad State Institute of Music and Cinematography at that time). Vsevolod has tried lots of sports (mountaineering, rock climbing, scuba diving, freediving, parachute jumping, yoga, powerlifting) and martial arts (boxing, judo, kudo, ju-jitsu). Though for the past 10 years aikido has been the main sport for him (black belt, second dan).
Makes feature films and TV-series in Moscow
Makes TV programmes for central Russian TV channels in Moscow.
2001 — 2007
1995 — 2001
Makes documentaries in Tomsk, at first at the studio «Studio Df», then at his own studio «TomskFilm».
Works for TV companies in Alma-Ata, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Tomsk.
1988 — 1995
1997 — 1999
Studies marketing and advertising at the State Polytechnic University in Tomsk.
Studies movie and TV directing at the Theatre Arts Academy in Saint Petersburg.
1989 — 1994
1982 — 1988
Studies musicology at a music college in Alma-Ata and at the State Conservatory in Novosibirsk.
    +7 925 358 48 38


    2013 - Just one way out (Odin vykhod)
    2010 – Raider (Reider)


    2006 – To defeat the death (Pobedivshie smert)
    2006 - 'Faking It'
    2005 – Russian Extreme (Russkiy ekstrim)
    2003–2004 - In the Meantime (Tem vremenem)
    2002–2005 – Looking for the Adventures (V poiskakh priklyucheniy)

    Movie series

    2014 – Lord-Comrades (Gospoda-tovarishci)
    2013 - The Experts (Umeltsy)
    2012 - the Road to Easter Island (Doroga na Ostrov Paskhi)
    2008 - The Protection (Zashcita)
    2008 – Victorious wind, cloudless day (Pobedny veter, yasny den)


    2014 – The weak woman (Slabaya Zhenshchina)
    2013 – The experts (Umeltsy)
    2012 - the Road to Easter Island (Doroga na Ostrov Paskhi)
    2011- Object 11 (Ob’ekt 11)
    2010 – Raider (Reider)
    2008 – Victory wind, cloudless day (Pobedny veter, yasny den)