Just One Way Out
Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Alexey Naydenov R.G.C.

Scenarist: Mila Novikova

Art-Director: Olga Abramova

Costume designer: Kira Istratova

Make-up: Anna Manovitskaya

Composer: Andrey Crotov

All the characters were played by Mila Novikova

Cameramen: Andrej Jasko, Alexander Kochubey, Maxim Homenko, Alexey Gopsha, Matvey Sidorov, Anton Shurcov

Producers: Vsevolod Aravin, Mila Novikova, Andrey Bondarenko

Production: Film company “MK-production”

Two women sit in a room and try to understand who is to blame for the death of a mutual friend. Each of them blames another one and thinks that her own way of life and attitude to the world is the only correct one. But the passed away person cannot be returned and this fact over and over  again returns the conversation to the starting point. «Who is to blame?» The finale, as usually, turns the whole story upside down.

Everything was simple: a room, a day of shooting, an actress, three characters, seven cameras and twenty people who gathered in a legitimate day off to dedicate themselves to the pure creativity for free.  That pure creativity was the creation of the short film «The only way out». This day was preceded by four weeks of daily eight-hour rehearsals, and was followed by five weeks of installation …

But the main reason why such films are made is the feeling of unlimited creative freedom.

Photographer Marya Knyazeva


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