Rain Season

TV series, 8 episodes

Summary: Director : Vsevolod Aravin

Cinematografer : Victor Gonchar

Scenarists : Elena Dezhurova

Art director: Ekaterina Tatarskaya

Composer: Maxim Razumov

Cast: Tatyana Arntgolz, Alexey Fateev, Eugeny Miller, Olga Dibzeva, Yulia Shifershtein, Andrew Frolov and others.

Producers: Olga Maneeva, Elena Metlikina, Anastasia Rozhdestvenskaya

Production: Film company “Fhoenix-Film”

Air: Channel One, 2020,

This story is about the eternal. Oleg and Vera are desperate romantics. They have everything: strong mutual love, interesting work, loyal friends, devoted comrades of the “People” Foundation, which they lead and thanks to which they have been doing a noble job together for 15 years — they fly to places of disasters and save people. One sad thing is they can’t have children. They try everything, and finally decide on IVF. And finally — the happy news has come: “You will have a child!” …

And on this beautiful day, a woman from a past life appears with her and Alex son. A curtain would be. But our story has just begun.

Photographers: Valery Aum  and Vsevolod Aravin

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