TV series, 4 episodes

Summary: Director: Vsevovlod Aravin

Cameraman: Dmitry Mass R.G.C.

Scenarists: A. Caranovich, I. Osipov, S. Pelishenko

Art-Director: Oleg Uhov

Composer:  Vyacheslav Odahovskiн

Cast: Alexander Domogarov, Vyacheslav Krikunov, Elizaveta Nilova, Sergey Sosnovskiy, Fedor Lavrov, Viktor Nizovoy, Nikita Prozorovskiy, Ksenya Kuznecova, Juliya Piven, Andrey Ivanov, Vladimir Bolshov, Andrey Sviridov, Juliya Galkina, Evgeniy Kulakov and others.

Producers: Olga Maneeva, Elena Metlikina, Olga Vasileva.

Production: Film company “Phoenix-film”

Air: Channel 1, February 16, 2015.

This is the improvisation of the deathless Vyacheslav Govoruhin’s story «The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed». The action takes place in Moscow of 1919. The young Soviet republic is invested by a number of “white” armies. Inside Moscow there are armies of criminal outcasts. Newly created Moscow Criminal Investigation Department tries to make a difference under this conditions.

Main characters are Nikolay Alexandrovich Varaksin (Alexander Domogarov) who the ex-tsar’s detective.  After the Revolution is out of the running and nowadays he doesn’t want to cope with the government that is alien to him. However, from force of circumstances and in order to protect his sister Anna (Liza Nilova), he agrees to conduct just one investigation.

Eventually, he has to deal with the person he doesn’t understand at all that is the revolutionary-oriented sailor Petr Sokolov (Vyacheslav Krikunov). What happens next goes without saying.

It’s up to the audience to decide how well I managed to make vivid and interesting story out  of the old plot.


Photographer: Valery Naumov


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