Looking for the adventures
Summary: Directors: Vsevolod Aravin, Mihail Kuzovenkov

Cameraman: Alexey Lebedev

Scenarist and host: Mihail Kozhuhov

Editor in chief: Alla Rumyantseva

Producers: Andrey Chelyadinov, Svetlana Suntsova

Duration: 45 minutes

Production: LLC “Extreme TV”

Air: RTR

Television Broadcasting Lauriat/ «Best host» (2004)

This is the travel program in which the host, Mikhail Kozhukhov, mastered the most unexpected profession in the most unexpected corners of the world. The program had been  living for 4 years, the team traveled to 51 countries, on each of which was made from three to five programs.

As the director, I created a program format, developed the manner of installation, together with A. Lebedev, defined the style of filming.

This is one of my favorite projects, despite the surprises that each trip brought. Even with careful preparation there were unforeseen difficulties of ethnic character that required our quick reflexes and decisions. That is why we were red alert all the time.


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