The road to the Easter Island
Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Alexey Naydenov R.G.C.

Scenarist: Dmitry Safonov

Art-Director: Igor Morozov

Composer: Alexey Artishevsky

Cast: Egor Beroev, Vitaly Haev, Kirill Pletnev, Anton Shurcov, Jury Belyaev, Alexander Naumov, Evgenya Hirivskaya, Ekaterina Olkina, Anastasia Panina, Juliya Galkina, Oleg Vasilkov, Mihail Stankevich, Anatoly Kot, Alexander Lenkov, Jury Nazarov, Igor Klimov, Gleb Burdakov, Timofey Burdakov, Andrey Sviridov, Leonid Timcunik, Egor Timcunik, Egor Barinov.

Producers: Sergey Sendyk, Valentina Sudzilovskaya, Mihail Burdakov.

TV-series, 16 episodes

Production: Film company “The Pyramid”

On one sunny summer day Oleg Bardin (Egor Beroev)  sets free from a maximum security prison. He had been imprisoned for 12 years for robbing a bank armored car and now only one thing he wants is to forget about the past and start a new life with Nadezhda – a woman who loves him – and his son Andrey. But stolen and missing 18 million dollars haunt many people. And  there are a lot of bad people and bad troubles apart from Nadezhda waiting for Oleg at the prison gates. Eight days in which the action takes, turn upside down the life of almost all the characters. The film is full of conflicts, twists and turns, chases, sudden deaths and deep human love.


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