Victorious wind on a sunny day
Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Leonid Kazakov  R.G.C.

Scenarists: Arkady Gordon feat. Alena Laskareva

Art-Director:  Ilya Amursky

Composer:   Vyacheslav Odahovsky

Cast: Irina Apeksimova, Lyanka Gryu, Ilya Bledny, Anastasia Cvetaeva, Nikita Zverev, Vladimir Tashlykov, Sergey Pioro, Elena Golovizina, Leonid Timcunik, Maxim Vazhov, Andrey Nazimov, Kirill Emelyanov, Valery Gonchar, Alexander Pashkovsky, Georgy Povolocky,  Roman Tertyshny, Vsevolod Aravin.

Producers: Dmitrij Korzh, Anna Kagarlickaya, Igor Tolstunov

4 episodes 52 minutes each.
Production: LLC “Igor Tolstunov Production Company”
Air: Channel 1

In the center of Moscow near the theater dance «Lullaby» the strangers blew up a car. The detective of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department major Max Sievers comesto the scene of the explosion, when the sisters Lena and Anna Shevtsova come out of the theater. On this day, Max and Lena meet each other for the first time, and then … then everything is twisted with such swiftness that the summary cannot reflect. But be sure: by the end of the fourth episode the killer will be caught, the villains will be arrested, and the main characters will realize that they belong together.

It was not a job, but a pleasure: summer, the amazing team, the great actors, the good organization and the creative atmosphere on the set. I was even given a character of the watchman Hassan. Everything went on easy and almost without problems … However, something tells me that I just did not know everything … But for this I am particularly grateful to my Assistant director, Natasha Fedotova, and everyone else.

Surprisingly, while working on this project I discovered the fact that with the rather trivial scenario (today there’re a lot of them, on the left they have love, on the right they have horror and murder) we managed to create life. And this is the main thing in our profession!

Photographer: Marya Knyazeva


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