The raider
Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Alexey Naydenov R.G.C.

Scenarists: Sergey and Marina Dyachenko, based on the Pavel Astakhov’s novel

Art-Director: Ilya Amursky

Composer: Sergey Checrizhev

Cast: Egor Beroev, Vitaly Haev, Roman Polyansky, Karina Andolenko, Ekaterina Vilkova, Viktor Rakov, Kirill Pletnev, Vladimir Steklov, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Alexander Sirin, Valentina Talyzina, Sergey Ugryumov, Andryj Mezhulis, Maxim Vazhov, Mihail Georgiu, Vsevolod Aravin, Alexander Komissarov, Stas Belyaev.

Producers: Svetlana Astahova, Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov

The feature film

Production: LLC «Igor Tolstunov Production Company»

This is the story about the opposition between the famous lawyer Pavlov and the powerful raider Spirsky. Spirsky is engaged in hostile takeovers of companies, he works on customers. During one of their raids Spirsky kills a good friend of Pavlov and thus crosses his path… Who will be more powerful: the well-known lawyer with connections in high strata, or raider, who will stop at nothing for money?

The film was long and difficult to run. The scenario was rewritten 19 and a half times thought I can’t say that it has changed it hugely. However, when we came to the shooting area, the story began to revive. It was a joy to work with these actors because I could feel their energy and dedication all the, but most importantly, I could feel that we cooped not fought.

It was very cold. It was a true Russian winter that is frosty and snowy, and as soon as we got out, the frosts struck, but  as returned to the studio shooting, it was getting warmer. But both the frost and the sun gave a good winter picture.

And it was easy. It was easy to work with the cameraman Alexey Naydenov, with his assistant Igor Zelmanov, with our co-director Seva Sagatovsky, too and with all the members of the shooting process. I didn’t even think that is was my first feature film and I ought to be more nervous. In general, the team was just excellent: they all were doing their job professionally and enthusiastically. I remember the bright  detail: on the cover of the «crackers» Oksana’s  notebook for taking notes  was written in large letters: «Here is my movie.» That was the attitude.

The movie came to town on September, 8, 2011 in the cinema “Pushkin’s” in Moscow. General release was on September, 20, 2011 (100 copies). Channel 1 showed it on May, 18, 2012.

The movie was a participant of the following festivals:

  • “The window to Europe”, Viborg, August 2011.
  • “Saint Anna”, Moscow, 2012

Photographer: Anton Galetskiy


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