The Dinosaur

TV series, 10 episodes

Summary Directors: Vsevolod Aravin, Evgeny Serov, Oleg Compasov

Cinematografer : Alexey Naydenov

Scenarists : Andrew Zhitkov, Alexander Polozov

Art director: Leonid Svenzizky

Cast: Andrew Smirnov, Alexandr Pankratov-Chorny, Eugeny Miller, Anna Vasilieva, Max Litovchenko, Mike Evlanov, Ilya Lubimov  and others.

Producers: Sergey Zhigunov, Tatyana Proziko

Production: Film company of Sergey Zhigunov

Air: NTV, 2018

The elderly criminal authority Semyon Timofeevich Babushkin, whose thieves talent had been legends at one time, he hasn’t gone out of prison for the past 34 years, preferring it to freedom, where he has no one left.

But once someone gives to Semion Babushkin old letters that have not reached him all these years. From them he learns that he has the son — Slava. Babushkin escapes from prison to Moscow at the address indicated on the envelopes.

Ironically, Slava serves as an investigator in the authorities, but currently he needs help, because he is seriously framed, and not only Slava’s life is threatened, but also his daughter’s safety.

Then the noble gangster begins to establish his old connections and skills in order to pull the newly-born family out of trouble, who does not suspect of his existence.

Photographers: Alexey Naydenov, Sergey Selivanov and Vsevolod Aravin

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