Love blooms in spring

TV series, 20 episodes

Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Ilya Boyko

Scenarist: Oksana Juzshanina

Art director: Denis Chernyshev

Composer : Dmitry Novikov

Cast: Darya Egorova, Ivan Zshidkov, Alexey Janin, Julia Jurchenko, Igor Kalina, Anna Jakunina, Sejdulla Moldahanov, Vladimir Lysenko, Tatyana Krechetova, Alina Kiziyarova, Vsevolod Aravin, Maksim Vazhov, Elizaveta Vodolazskaya, Aleksej Medvedev, Alexander Bagryancev, Mihail Prismotrov-Belov, Yuriy Nazarov, Andrej Stoyanov, Danila Perov, Andrej Sviridov,  Valentina Ananina and others.

Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova

Production: Film company “The Russian”

Air: Russia-1, February, 23, 2015

What is this series about? I’ll try to explain.

A very beautiful woman had been living happily with her very handsome colleagues. Once they decided to watch the old movie starring Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd and rewrite their genius story from the end of the 90s for the modern time and with the Tajik accent. It was me who got the opportunity to do this film. It was an interesting, controversial but possible task. And here I have to clarify some things.

There is a genre called melodrama. Half of the Russian population does love watching it that is why it is on so frequently. But the thing is that movies shown on the Russian TV are not melodramas at all because Russian people can neither make nor watch them. And finally I made another “melodrama”. Though it is not melodrama, it is strychnine in a sense. There we have both suspense and pursuits as well as love and drama. Just like we love.

When I was offered to do this film, synopsis seemed interesting to me. Then a good crew and amazing cast did their work so I agreed to get down to it. When 106 production days were over and I started the montage I realized that everything was worth it. I think everything worked out well but the final word rested for the audience.


Photographers: Galina Ananchina, Ilya Boyko and Vsevolod Aravin


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