Object 11


Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Alexey Naydenov R.G.C.

Scenarists: Evgeny Kuratov, Dmitry Kurilov, Yana Rayskaya

Art-Director: Andrey Hrapov

Composer: Valery Grohovsky

Cast: Alexander Yakovlev, Andrey Tashkov, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Olga Lomonosova, Anton Shurcov, Dana Agisheva, Lyudmila Svitova.

Producers: Timur Vaynshtejn, Roman Elistratov, Alexander Bokovikov, Oleg Kapustin,Alexander Loginov
TV-series, 16 episodes

Production: Conglomerate “WeiT Media”

On one nice summer day a colleague of the service in the Federal Security Service of Russia visits colonel Somov at his cottage. Once, in the distant ’80s, Somov headed formed by the FSB in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior special section «Objective 11», designed to be connected to investigation, when the two official bodies came to a standstill. The peculiar feature of «Objective 11» was in the fact that all the its members were superhumans. During the perestroika “Objective 11” ceased to exist, but now it is decided to gather a group with new members. Somov is told to collect and lead this special department. Once he manages to track down people with phenomenal abilities, the department starts the investigation of the most mysterious crimes of modern times …

The attitude to the project has changed diametrically several times from total delight to full unwillingness to work. The scenario was being created with great difficulties and it was extremely hard to get into the shooting. You know, the mysticism it is.

However, the team was very friendly, actors caught fire plan, the characters started to build relationships and it seemed like we could work it out… I still do not know what we will have when it’s over, we must finish and montage, but I hope that all of our efforts will be worth it. Indeed, a lot of people genuinely invested their souls in the story!


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