The Russian Extreme
Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameramen: Marat Papazyan, Mihail Metelitsa

Editor in chief: Olga Mayakova

Producers: Andrey Chelyadinov, Svetlana Suntsova

Diration:  26 minutes

Production: LLC “Extreme TV”

Air: ORT

Every episode told the story about extreme records of the Russian sportsmen including the preparation and some peculiarities. Sometimes the Russian celebrities took part in the program.

Over the program’s history it has had  about a dozen of directors. I do not regret that I have been among them. The specifics of the program was an abundance of multi-shooting tricks that require careful preparations and clear organization.

The most interesting issue for me was probably the «explosion» of Pyotr Marchenko, host of  the «Time». We used the real situation of the planned explosion of the hotel «Sport» on Leninsky Prospekt. Peter had to be evacuated from it in time — 5 minutes before the explosion. He managed to do it.

We worked closely with field engineers, who carried out the demolition of the building, and stuntman (led by Alexander Malyshev). The bang was fixed with 12 cameras for our program (7 were on the surrounding houses, 3 were «suicide-cameras» inside the building and two were cameras with the operators).

In addition to «bang», I would pick another program such as «Decl mountain biking», «Alain Sviridov in Vietnam,» «Race to the bottom», «Formula 1», and others.

In general, the work was interesting, because this program gave the directors the opportunity to implement the boldest creative ideas.


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