Directors: Vsevolod Aravin, Ilya Makarov

Cameraman: Ehduard Melnikov

Scenarist: Dmitry Kurishev feat. Alena Sanko

Art-Directors: Ilya Amursky, Valery Nazarov

Composer: Vyacheslav Odahovsky

Cast Alexey Kravchenko, Elena Lyadova, Vladimir Nosik, Leonid Gromov, Jury Stepanov, Daniil Spivakovsky, Alexey Shevchenkov, Ulyana Lapteva, Igor Yacko, Konstantin Yushkevich, Amadu Mamadakov.

Producers: Nikolay Garo, Dmitry Korzh, Anna Kagarlickaya, Igor Tolstunov

Duration: 4 episodes, 52 minutes each

Production: LLC “Igor Tolstunov Production Company”

Air: Channel 1

1947. The lieutenant of Engineering Corps  Pavel Morozov returns home after a victory and two years of work on restoration of Prague. In his native village near Novosibirsk his mother and bride are waiting for him. But instead of happiness and peace Paul gets false accusation, the court, the prison, the new separation from the beloved one  and other difficulties of the postwar period.

Job arose unexpectedly. There was a proposal to finish the job of another director Ilya Makarov. Much of the material was done, but the project was not finished.

There were a great crew of the amazing Producer Dmitry Korzh on the set, I had stunning actors but the weather was miserable: it was cold and it was raining, but that might have been expected in April.  Then there were three months of post-production, which coincided with the survey period of the next film. I was  sorry that I didn’t lead this project from the very beginning! Because the project was a good one. And the result seemed to be good, too.



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