Faking it
Summary: Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cameraman: Andrey Lebedyansky

Editor in chief: Ghelena Crineva

Producers: Vladimir Utin, Julia Bogatikova

Duration: 6 episodes 45 minutes each.

Production: LLC “Reality World”

Air: “TNT” broadcasting company

This is a mixture of a documentary with reality show. The license was bought from the British, native show was called «Faking it» (not to be confused with «Fucking it») ie – play up, fool… The main issue of the program is that a person is invited to change his profession for one month. He has mentor of a completely different profession, he studies this profession very actively like during the express workshops,  and he has to pass an exam after three weeks of studying on a par with the professionals who have been in this profession for at least a year. The exam is graded by a commission of the true proffesionals and there are two objectives: the first is  to be the best (and some managed to succeed), and the second is to deceive members of the commission, so they could not guess which of examinees are fakes that is  random people in the profession.

It was a good idea and we got a very good episodes. The peculiarity of the work was that I had to create such circumstances for the characters of each episode in which it would be possible to predict their reaction and time to capture a live human emotion that I could bring it to the audience. Director, on a par with the teachers, repeatedly forcing the character to overcome himself, became a sculptor of the new image of the character. The inner contact was so close that program participants almost grew together with the crew and became mates.

I must say that it was one of the rare projects where the organization was well done, as it is the rare thing today in our profession. .


  • A photographer (the urologist)
  • A stylist (the butcher)
  • A stripper(the firefighter)
  • A bump artist (the insurance agent)
  • A clown (the accountant)
  • A Life guard  (the art-director of a café)


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