TV series, 2 episodes

Summary Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Cinematografer: Konstantin Postnikov

Scenarist: Alexander Paygalik

Art director: Lyudmila Veselova

Composers : Adrew Krotov, Velimir Russakov

Cast: Igor Bochkin, Anna Legchilova, Yuri Belyaev, Natalya Korolskaya, Mikhail Vasiliev, Arthour Sopelnik, Anatoly Gorin, Mikhail Sedash, Alexey Oding, Tatyana Michina, Andrew Mokeev and others.

Producers: Armen Davidyan, Ilona Lakoba, Roman Atanesyan, Dmitry Semenov.

Production: Film company “Mauris Film”

Air: NTV, Febrary 5, 2017

Former riot police officer Ivan Petrovich Kalugin (Igor Bochkin) has long retired. He lives in a quiet fishing village with his family — his wife Katya (Anna Legchilova), daughter-in-law and eldest son Artyom (Mikhail Vasiliev). As an exemplary family man and a good boss, Petrovich controls not only his family. Petrovich drives a longboat and fishes together with Artyom, and he solves the neighbors’ conflicts and monitors local poachers in his spare time. In the village the inhabitants are afraid of him, but respect, because they know: Petrovich will always act fairly and honestly!

But the measured rural life unexpectedly ends when the second Petrovich’s son, Semyon (Arthour Sopelnik) returns to the family. Unable to take root in a big city, a prodigal son has got into huge debts and now he is hiding from creditors…


Photographers: Ilya Vydrevich, Ludmila Veselova  and Vsevolod Aravin


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