To defeat the death
Directors: Vsevolod Aravin and Sergey Holodny

Cameramen: Petr Panichkin, Igor Buchnev, Lev Pun, Vlad Vengrzhnovsky.

Editor in chief: Alexey Anisimov

Producers: Dmitry Akopyan, Jury Shalimov, Irina Shlema.

Duration: 9 episodes 26 minutes each.

Production and broadcast of «NTV».

Documentary films included in the series «to defeat death» tell about people who passed through catastrophes and cataclysms, but survived. The host Sergey Polyansky happens to be in the center of events: earthquakes, fires, crashes of trains and planes.

This work was so interesting! The sponsorship was enough for staging reconstructions, and we gave way to creativity. Noginsk landfill became the second home, however, as half of the country. Reconstruction was shot in Novorossiysk, on the Kamchatka, in Sevastopol, in the Gulf of Finland, on the slopes of Mount Elbrus (4200 metres above sea level), in a mine near Tula (200 metres below sea level), in the Urals, in the United Arabic Emirates, etc. In each episode, directors competed: who would made up better tricks or who in a short time would have time to put more good acting scenes?


  • Buried (collapse on the beach of Kacha)
  • Fire (fire in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia)
  • The last flight (the death of the ship Admiral Nakhimov)
  • Dance of Death (the tragedy of the 1980s)
  • Avalanche (tragedy of Nahar)
  • The accident at the start (the explosion at the cosmodrome at Plesetsk in 1980)
  • Varandey — black spot (the aircrashes in the far north)
  • On-board 778 (aircrash in Irkutsk)
  • Wicked height (paratroopers 1968, Lenin Peak)


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